Testosterone affects your body, cognitive function, and overall health and wellness. Find out how testosterone can restore your body and mind to its prime in the eBook
“Let’s Talk Testosterone.” 



Jeff Yates is turning his health and wellness around. With Dr. Steven Hotze’s wellness program, Jeff is on track to return to his high school weight of 180 pounds. That’s a difference of more than 200 pounds! Start following his journey and join the movement.



If stress and fatigue are keeping you from living your life fully, it’s time to make a change. Our educational resources will help you address the reasons for your stress and give you the tools to turn it around.


The Underlying Issues Robbing Men of Vitality

What’s Normal For Others May Not Be Normal For You

The source of your low energy, lack of motivation, weakness, low sex drive and other symptoms are likely due to your decreased testosterone levels. You can visit your conventional doctor to test your levels, but this might not give you the solution you’re looking for. Your results will be compared to the testosterone levels of other men your age. You’ll likely fall into the “normal” range, even though this level isn’t normal for you. Replacing your depleted testosterone with bioidentical hormoneshormones exactly like your body naturally produces — can bring your body back to its prime. 

Chuck’s Story

Chuck visited Dr. Hotze after seeing the results of his wife’s hormone replacement therapy. Now, he feels 10 years younger, and has no more brain fog and hops out of bed. Find out how low testosterone treatment improved his quality of life, and even his business!

Watch the video to hear more about Chuck’s transformation. 

Make a Change. Be Yourself Again!

Not Feeling Like Yourself?

Men become fatigued as they grow older, and there’s nothing that can be done about it, right? Wrong. As common as it is to just accept that you won’t feel like you did in your 20s again, you don’t have to. There are reasons why you feel this way, and there are ways to fix them.

Keep Your Heart Healthy

Did you know that your testosterone levels can affect your heart health? Take the steps to maintain optimal heart health now. You can start preventing your chances of developing heart disease today. After all, the best fight against heart disease is stopping it from ever happening.

Struggling With Your Sex Drive?

You are not alone — there are many men in the same position as you. It is common to think once you have reached a certain age, your body has run out of steam, and there is simply nothing that can be done about it. However, this is not true. There are many easy, available and natural solutions to help you improve your libido.

Why Pharmaceuticals Do More Harm Than Good

Traditional medical treatment heavily relies on pharmaceutical drugs. But it shouldn’t.

Problems with Pharmaceuticals

+ Deliver serious long-term side effects

+ Treat your symptoms instead of causes

+ Create more symptoms along the way

+ Put toxins in your body

+ Make you sicker quicker

+ Often are addictive and easily misused

Instead of adding toxins to your body with drugs, turn to natural solutions. Vitamins, minerals and supplements are safe alternatives that help your body receive the nutrients it needs and craves.

Trade Your Pill Box for These Alternatives

These solutions will target what’s causing your symptoms, rather than just masking them. Improve your health and wellness without dangerous side effects.

Andrew’s Story

At 31 years old, Andrew had the testosterone levels of a man in his 70s. This left him with no energy, no drive, and weak bones. So, he opted for natural hormone replacement therapy. After treatment, Andrew lost 40 pounds and now has loads of energy and motivation. 

Watch the video to learn more.

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