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About MensHealthandEnergy.org


MensHealthandEnergy.org is a product of Steven F. Hotze, M.D., of Hotze Health & Wellness Center. We are a resource created with a passion for helping men regain their health, wellness, energy, and vibrancy. By addressing common ideas and misconceptions of how the body works, we will guide you to transform your understanding of health and create a safer and more functional way of life. We focus on addressing the deeper causes of low testosterone, hormone imbalances, cardiovascular conditions, fatigue and stress in men. Over the last 15 years, we developed natural, holistic approaches that continue to help over 30,000 people find their own health and wellness. This is done by restoring hormones to their optimal levels, strengthening the immune system and ultimately increasing energy and self motivation. We call it the Wellness Revolution.

Steven F. Hotze, M.D.


Dr. Hotze believes in natural solutions. He first discovered natural medicine after his father was diagnosed with heart disease. When he was diagnosed, Dr. Hotze’s father researched treatments and learned about many people who had undergone intensive heart surgery with worse results than their initial condition. 



He also found that some patients had transformed their health by switching to healthier lifestyles. Dr. Hotze went on to find that when he stopped prescribing some pharmaceutical drugs, his patients felt like themselves again. Dr. Hotze now follows a treatment system of vitamins, minerals, and hormone replacement. 

What This Site Can Do For You


This site is a resource for men seeking an alternative solution to the issues in their bodies that they have learned to accept as “normal.” The information here will provide the knowledge necessary to regain and maintain health and wellness in a way you may not have realized was possible. MensHealthandEnergy.org is here for every individual and is dedicated to addressing each unique situation. This is done by pinpointing the reasons for your declining health — no matter how severe they may be — and bringing your life back to a place where you are in the driver’s seat of your own health and success.

“I came here because I was struggling with weight that I’ve put on on the past 10 years. My blood sugar was high [and] I was on a cocktail of high blood pressure medicines. After, I lost 55 lbs [and I’m] off all my medicines.”

Quintin K

“I was fatigued all the time.. I wasn’t sleeping well.. I had knee pain, ankle pain, hip pain, shoulder pain.. I did a 180. Your practice turned me around and saved my life.”


Brad K