Stress Management Techniques

From worrywarts to relaxed optimists, no one is exempt from stress. Stress is your body’s natural response to any demand from your work, family, major life events, or even personal goals. Stress can either motivate you to meet those demands, or it can overwhelm you. Consequently, being constantly swamped with demands can cause health problems. However, you can learn to cope by using some effective stress management techniques.

Dealing with Stress


You can manage stress in different ways. One of the most effective stress management techniques is facing the things that cause you stress head-on. This way, you not only control your response, but you also take charge of the situation. Here are some ways you can deal with stress:

+ Steer clear from topics that upset you (like politics, religion, or family gossip).

+ Regulate your environment by avoiding situations that overwhelm you.

+ Say no to extra responsibilities, commitments, and unplanned events.

+ Be assertive and voice your opinions instead of bottling them up.

+ Have a positive mindset. Stop thinking about worst-case scenarios.       

+ Stop being a perfectionist. This can create unrealistic expectations on yourself and others.

+ Master time management to avoid spreading yourself too thin.

Stress Management Techniques


Coping with stress begins with calming your body. A stressful event triggers a fight-or-flight response, producing an adrenaline and cortisol surge that puts you in a tensed state. Relieve your body of stress by doing things that will relax you such as:

+ Practice breathing exercises. Breathe deeply and exhale slowly and repeatedly.

+ Eat healthy. Try to avoid sugar and processed food.

+ Get enough sleep – aim for eight hours a night.

+ Exercise regularly – allot 30 minutes a day for exercise.

+ Drink lots of water, and choose water instead of caffeine.

+ Do things you love like art, music, sports, gaming, or even tinkering with your car.

+ Meditate – enroll in yoga or tai chi classes.

+ Laugh and smile.

Talk to someone – call a trusted friend or family member when you’re feeling stressed.

Reducing Stress


Overall, stress management techniques all boil down to two things — taking care of yourself and standing up for yourself. Don’t let stress prevent you from enjoying life, get the help you need, and prioritize your well-being. If you’re able to do these, you can cope with stress better and even prevent it from happening.

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