Mother Nature is a great healer. Natural cures like healing herbs for aches and pains continually prove to be effective remedies. However, these natural methods are not limited to healing the common cold or joint pains. Healing herbs are also effective treatments for stress and anxiety.

Natural Stress Relief


There are many stress relievers out there, but only a handful have lasting impact. Some may make you feel better, but they don’t necessarily protect you from the effects of stress. However, herbal medicine is both potent and preventive. Here are some herbs that can help you cope with stress:


American Ginseng


This root can protect you from all types of stress. It increases your stamina and strengthens your immune system. It is an adaptogen, or a natural substance that helps your body manage stress and normalize bodily processes.


Holy Basil


This herb helps reduce stress, depression, and anxiety by improving cerebral circulation.




Known as a superfood, this root can help you cope with stress and increase your energy. It can calm your nerves and balance your hormones. Herbal supplements like maca capsules can help regulate your hormone production.




This natural anti-depressant can enhance your physical strength and increases your endurance. You can also try rhodiola supplements to alleviate stress and fight fatigue.

Healing Herbs Instead of Anxiety Medications


In addition to the herbs listed above, the following are great alternatives to taking anxiety medications. Medications are riddled with side effects, so these natural healing herbs are excellent alternatives.




Known as a natural anti-anxiety remedy, this herb has a calming effect that can put you in a good mood. In fact, it is so effective that in Germany it is the first treatment given for anxiety disorders.


Lion’s Mane


This mushroom treats depression and anxiety. It can also boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure, and help improve digestion.




Often called nature’s tranquilizer, this herb can greatly reduce your anxiety and nervousness. It also helps in improving your sleep and relieving muscle spasms.




When made into a drink, lemongrass tea can reduce anxiety and help induce good sleep.

Flower Essences That Heal


Flowers are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also capable of healing. Here are some natural stress supplements from the blooms around you:




This dainty pink flower can relieve nervous anxiety and insomnia as it calms your brain and body.




This white and purple beauty is known for its sedative effects that can pacify your anxiety and nervous tension.


St. John’s Wort


This yellow flower keeps your serotonin (i.e. your mood stabilizer) at an ideal level to prevent you from feeling anxious or depressed. Known as a natural anti-depressant, it can also treat nerve disorders. These herbs, along with other proven herbal supplements for anxiety, can provide holistic healing. They not only relieve stress and anxiety, but also treat other related conditions. After all, natural healing is the best medicine. Learn about more natural solutions by signing up for a free consultation at Hotze Health & Wellness Center.