Today, people with diabetes live longer, better lives than ever before. Advances in treatment and knowledge about healthier lifestyle habits make it easier for people with the disease to manage diabetes, maintain normal lives, and keep themselves healthy.

By learning to properly manage diabetes, you can stay in control and prevent the disease from taking over. Effective diabetes management is as simple as following your doctor’s advice and incorporating some healthy habits into your daily routine.

How to Manage Diabetes


Managing diabetes is about keeping your blood sugar (glucose) levels under control. In some cases, you can achieve this solely by making healthier lifestyle choices like exercising and eating right. In others, you might need to make specific adjustments to help control other factors such as high blood pressure or cholesterol. Most diabetics find that their diet has the greatest effect on their overall health.


Foods That Lower Blood Sugar


Learning how to control diabetes means learning which foods help your condition and which ones make it worse. Knowing which foods lower your blood sugar will help you keep glucose levels under control. Diet is a key factor to effectively manage diabetes. All of the following foods naturally lower blood glucose levels:


Whole Grains


The fiber in foods made with whole grains will help you maintain steady blood sugar levels. Oatmeal and whole grain rice are both excellent sources. You’ll also find whole grains in whole wheat baked goods like bagels, breads, tortillas, and pita bread.


Nuts and Avocados


Nuts and avocados contain monounsaturated fatty acids, which improve average blood glucose levels and reduce insulin resistance.


Citrus Fruits


Citrus fruits benefit diabetics as a source of vitamin C and fiber. Both will help with diabetes, as well as your general health.




Kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils, and other members of the legume family are low in fat and calories, but high in protein and fiber. They do an excellent job of helping to prevent blood sugar spikes.




Regularly consuming cinnamon makes cells more sensitive to insulin. This helps your body to naturally use the glucose in your blood more efficiently.




Vegetables provide plenty of fiber as well as all kinds of vitamins. As a diabetic, you’ll get the most benefit from dark green (broccoli, spinach, etc.) and orange (carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, etc.) veggies.


Routine Diabetes Care


The best way to minimize your symptoms and boost your overall health is to make diabetes care a part of your regular day-to-day routine. You’ll see significant improvements in your symptoms if you practice the following healthy habits to manage diabetes.


Plan Your Daily Routine


By planning a regular routine, you make your diabetes management a habit, rather than a burden. Take things like meal times, exercise, medications, and sleep times into account. Come up with a schedule that works for you and makes these tasks easy to manage.


Drink Plenty Of Water


Diabetes symptoms often include frequent urination, which can lead to dehydration. Be sure you’re getting enough water throughout the day.


Exercise Regularly


Staying active will help you to manage diabetes by allowing your body to use insulin more efficiently. Additionally, regular exercise helps control factors that make diabetes worse, like high blood pressure, cholesterol, and being overweight.

By eating right and making healthy living choices, you’ll be able to keep your diabetes symptoms under control and lead a normal, happy life.

If you’ve got more questions about how to effectively manage diabetes, you’ll find more helpful information and suggestions at Hotze Health & Wellness Center.