Low Sex Drive

Are You Suffering from a Low Sex Drive?


Have you seen a decline in your sex drive? Are you rarely in the mood? Do you suffer from bouts of erectile dysfunction? Lots of men experience a loss of sex drive as they age, but few want to talk about it. Low libido is more common than you think — one in four men over the age of 30 experiences low sex drive.

Your sexual urges aren’t gone for good. The first step toward a robust sex life is acknowledging you’re experiencing symptoms. You can treat your symptoms naturally by working with your doctor and adopting healthy lifestyle changes. 

Low Sex Drive in Men

It is not uncommon to experience low libido occasionally. You won’t always have strong sexual urges, and your sex drive won’t always match that of your partner. Low libido that lasts for weeks or months may indicate underlying health conditions. Chronic low sex drive may also take a toll on your relationship.

The most common causes of low sex drive include:

      + Low testosterone

      + Side effects from pharmaceuticals

      + Alcohol or drug use

      + Lack of exercise

      + Depression

      + Stress

      + Relationship problems

Low Testosterone and Sexual Desire


As men age, it is very common for them to experience low testosterone (low T). Fortunately, men are becoming more open to talking about their symptoms and seeking treatment.

Men who are experiencing reduced sexual desire due to low T may experience a range of symptoms, including:

+ Fatigue

+ Depression

+ Increased body fat

Decreased mental sharpness

+ Erectile dysfunction

Low T is often caused by andropause, an age-related decline in testosterone, sometimes called “male menopause.” It may also be caused by an injury or infection in the testes, a dysfunction in the pituitary gland, or a chronic illness. Low testosterone can be confirmed by your doctor with a simple blood test and a physical exam.

How to Increase Sex Drive


Every cause of low sex drive has its own treatment, so the first step is finding out what is diminishing your sexual urges. For men suffering from low T, the best and easiest solution is bioidentical hormone therapy. Sometimes lifestyle changes are all that you need to improve your libido. Cut back on alcohol use, quit smoking, and develop a healthy diet and exercise routine.

It is completely natural for your sex drive to fluctuate from time to time. If your diminished sexual urges last for weeks or months, it’s time to seek help. Improve intimacy with your partner and take back your health with natural solutions that promote optimal wellness.